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Have you ever wondered why grouting can change colour? There are numerous different reasosn
why your property’s grout might not have that same pristine colour it once did – but don’t panic if
you find yourself in this situation, because our team is here to help out! That’s why, today, we’ll be
looking at some of the common causes for grout to change colour, and what you can do to stop this!

Causes for Grout to Change Colour

There are a massive number of reasons why your grout might change colour – and fortunately,
we’ve listed some of the most common below:
● Dirt getting into your grout is one of the most common reasons for grout to change colour.
Dirt and stains can be incredibly tricky to remove from grout, even with strong cleaning
products. Steam cleaning is usually the best solution.
● If your grouting isn’t sealed, it will be at greater risk for discolouration.
● Chemical cleaning products are incredibly strong, and it’s not uncommon for these to
discolour your tiles and grouting! Indeed, the chemicals seep deep into the pores of the
grout, which can cause a great deal of damage if not thoroughly cleaned out after.

Stopping Grout From Changing Color

If you want to stop your grout from changing colour, there are fortunately a few options. However,
the most effective is getting the grout sealed to prevent contaminants from seeping in. Moreover,
you should also ensure that you wipe up all spillages immediately to prevent them from having a
chance to wreak any additional havoc!

If your grout has already discoloured, don’t fret – there are options here too! Most notably,
professional steam cleaning can be an incredibly effective way to ensure that your grout is deep-
cleaned and restored to its former colour. To learn more about steam cleaning for tiles and grout,
contact our team today; we’ll do our best to help!

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