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Tile and grout cleaning Sandhurst

Tile and grout will darken and discolour due to daily wear or accidents. If you want to completely renew the quality of your floors, then our premium tile and grout cleaning service is affordable and thorough. Standard cleaning products can help the most obvious problems in your floors but struggle to handle older or especially problematic stains. Melbourne Tile Cleaner's seasoned team has restored the floors in dozens of homes around Sandhurst. We use a series of high-end tools to completely remove impurities from your tile and grout.

  • Our service has made us one of the most trusted providers in the Sandhurst area.
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Tile and grout sealing Sandhurst

After restoring your tile and grout to an unblemished condition, Melbourne Tile Cleaners applies a durable protective sealant layer. Without this seal, your floors are at risk to suffer from the same
problems as before. Dirt and bacteria will nestle in and quickly deteriorate the quality of your floors. Our solvent-based sealer is 100 percent safe for residential and commercial homes and is made without any hard chemicals. It keeps particles out of your floors and increases their durability for areas that are known for high foot traffic. No need to be concerned about another layer changing how your floors look. Floor seals are thin and transparent meaning that the only thing people will notice is how clean your home is.

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Cleaned dining room tiles

How We Can Restore and Maintain Your Tile Floors

Our seasoned team finds the root of your floor’s problem and works from there. Whether it is an expired sealer, wrong cleaning supplies, or bacterial build-up, we are well equipped to solve the problem. However, most problems don’t start from the surface of your tile but originate from below. Impurities sink in and discolour your tile and grout. That’s why we use a specialized cleaning solution that effortlessly extracts those impurities and treats your floor from the bottom up. To prevent the same problems from repeating in your floors, we seal them with a long-lasting coating meant to keep out debris and dull impacts. So book our tile and grout cleaning service in Sandhurst and transform your floors today.