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Tile and grout cleaning Narre Warren

Mops and Swiffer Jets are convenient ways to keep surface debris off your floors. However, they don't deal with the particles that slowly absorb into the tile and grout. If you look at your grout closely, it's probably not the color that you remember. Grout is less dense than tile and its generally white color makes it deteriorate quicker. We've assisted homeowners throughout Narre Warren deal with aging grout and tiles. Our process both cleans and protects your floor for the future so you can enjoy a healthy home for many years.

  • Speak with one of our trained technicians at Melbourne Tile Cleaners and learn what you can do to maintain the condition of your floors.
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Tile and grout sealing Narre Warren

To preserve the elegant or appealing qualities of your tile and grout, it is necessary to immediately seal your floors. Melbourne Tile Cleaners finish every tile and grout cleaning with a layer of our solvent- based sealer. This is designed to bead up liquids and keep out debris so that your floors remain stain free for a significantly longer time. We use only the most effective and efficient sealers available. This means our products are slip-resistant for complete safety in the house and fully transparent. They also have the benefit of improving your tile and grout’s durability, making it more difficult to scratch with shoes or furniture.

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tile and grout cleaning narre warren
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Enhance Your Property’s Appearance

Beautiful tiling can enhance the value and appearance of a home by many degrees. There are few things more off putting in a room than walking in and seeing a medley of stains and blackened grout lines. Melbourne Tile Cleaners offers professional tile and grout cleaning services that is sure to bump you up to the top of the HOA. Our unique cleaning solutions are specialized for a variety of tile materials. Whether you have slate, sandstone, marble, or any other precious tile type, we know how to best treat them so your home shines brighter than ever!