Travertine cleaning Melbourne
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Travertine cleaning in Melbourne

Travertine is prized for the polished and beautiful appearance it brings to homes. This makes it all the more apparent when it loses its signature luster. Based in Melbourne, our team of experts will return that brilliant sheen to your travertine tiling. No matter what finish your floors have, whether it is honed, filled, brushed, or tumbled, Melbourne Tile Cleaners can restore it just the way you want.

  • Our travertine cleaning process involves powerful vacuuming and high temperature washing that is sure to remove your floor’s longest held stains.
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Travertine sealing Melbourne

If you want your travertine to stand the test of time, sealing your tiles is a must. Most finishes of this material have a porous constitution and will quickly absorb any liquids or debris that spill onto it.
Melbourne Tile Cleaners uses acid-free flooring sealers that are completely safe for use in homes. This protective layer allows your tiles to maintain their unique color and texture without being worn down by constant foot traffic.

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restore travertine’s polish

Get The Best Travertine Cleaning in Melbourne

Travertine is created when limestone experiences high temperatures and extreme pressure. This process gives it an enviable degree of polish and makes it a welcome addition to any home. However, it also makes it clear to everyone when your travertine loses that signature elegance.

Some cleaning services approach all tile materials in the same manner which can cause lackluster results. Melbourne Tile Cleaners is fully aware of the unique properties of travertine and how to best service your floors. We are able to restore your travertine’s polish rather than focusing on simple stain removal.