Tile and Grout Cleaning Keysborough
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Tile and grout cleaning Keysborough

Contrary to popular belief, most tile materials are not naturally sealed. They have minute pores that absorb dirt and other contaminants on exposure. This build up is extremely difficult to remove through normal means and will necessitate a professional tile and grout cleaning. We keep a team with hands-on experience of restoring both tile and grout in Keysborough to a like-new condition. Our van-mounted vacuums and steamers set us apart from cleaning services which can only treat the surface. Melbourne Tile Cleaners penetrates deep into your tile and grout to forcibly extract old stains that are ruining your floor.

  • We cover every inch of your tile and grout with an all-natural cleaning solution that helps break down those problem areas that you've struggled with for years.
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Tile and grout sealing Keysborough

Most floors are sealed after their initial installation; however, this only lasts for a number of years before it requires a reapplication. If your floors are left without a layer of sealer, they will deteriorate
much more quickly than normal. Melbourne Tile Cleaners uses a completely transparent penetrating sealer, so it won’t change the beautiful aesthetic of your tiling. A proper sealer does more than just
prevent stains. It also acts as a defensive measure against cracks and chips in sensitive tiling by softening the effect of impacts on your tile. Our team believes that safety should be every house’s first
consideration. So, our sealers are solvent-based to avoid damage to your tiles or the health of your home.

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Tile and grout cleaning process


Your floors are examined for problems and a custom plan is made for your home.

Soil Removal

We remove any surface debris or particles from your tile and grout for the most effective clean.

Soil Suspension

Our unique cleaning solutions are applied to your floors and left to sit.

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Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Machine goes over your entire floor to extract the deepest stains and remove discolouration.

Grout Sealing

With a dedicated penetrating sealer, your floors are protected against damage for the next few years.


Our team goes over your tile and grout one more time to ensure the job has been finished to your satisfaction.