Tile And Grout Cleaning Boronia
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Tile and grout cleaning Boronia

If you're struggling with old stains or fading tiles, then professional tile and grout cleaning is an affordable and efficient solution. Life is messy, and your floors are exposed to accidents on a daily basis. Tracked in dirt, spilled soda, and even shower steam can discolour and damage your tile and grout. We've helped homes all around Boronia deal with dingy floors. Melbourne Tile Cleaner eliminates these problems with our van-mounted steamers and vacuums which let us tackle any stain with ease. This restores your floor's appearance, but the high temperature steam also kills any germ deposits that have seeped into your grout.

  • If that's not enough, our custom cleaning solutions easily break down hard- stuck messes and are even acid-free for a completely safe clean.
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Tile and grout sealing Boronia

Melbourne Tile Cleaners doesn’t just give you clean floors for the week. We take steps to keep them that way for years to come. This includes giving you the best upkeep advice and applying a high-quality sealer to your floors. Although tile may look sturdy and durable, it still absorbs contaminants when not properly sealed. This has to be renewed periodically to ensure that your floors are prepared for anything that your family wants to throw at them. Our professional technicians choose the best sealer for your tile material so that it will last as long as possible. The wrong sealer will expire much more quickly and leave your floors unprotected. So book our tile and grout cleaning service in Boronia to transform your floors.

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Tile and grout cleaning process


The state of your tile and grout is inspected and our team plans the most effective method for restoring your floors.

Soil Removal

Vacuums run through your floors and remove any lingering surface debris.

Soil Suspension

Using highly efficient cleaning solutions, bacteria and stains are extracted from your floors.

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Van-mounted cleaning machines wash your floors and return them to a pristine state.

Grout Sealing

Your tile and grout is covered with a long-lasting sealer that will protect it from accidental spills or daily wear.


Your floors are thoroughly checked to ensure that no issues are left.