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Sandstone cleaning Melbourne

As one of Melbourne’s most trusted tile cleaning services, our expert team addresses any imperfections in your flooring to bring it back to its perfect condition. Over time, sandstone suffers from thousands of imperceptible scratches that eventually damage the appearance of your tiling. This can be caused by foot traffic, accidents, or weather, and are extremely difficult for homeowners to handle themselves. Ordinary cleaning solutions and supplies aren’t meant to be used for sandstone treatments.

  • Melbourne Tile Cleaners professional sandstone cleaning process not only vacuums away the surface debris but also includes acid-free solutions to deal with old or new stains. Call our offices to learn how your sandstone can be restored in just a few hours!
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Sandstone sealing Melbourne

Sandstone can be a brittle and porous material. When treated poorly, it crumbles and cracks, leaving you with loosely packed layers of sand on the surface.

It is extremely important that your sandstone is properly sealed every few years. Luckily, Melbourne Tile Cleaners offers this service after every sandstone cleaning session. This will not only shield your sandstone against abrasions and liquids, but it will also make general clean-up easier by providing a solid surface. Our sealers are all-natural and completely safe for homes with young children and pets.

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Get The Best Sandstone Cleaning in Melbourne

If you’ve ever spent some time trying to restore floors on your own, then you know how difficult it can be to remove stubborn stains. Especially with a material like sandstone which is among the more sensitive tile types. It’s convenient to take the easy way out and only address the most obvious, surface-
level problems. Even some professional cleaning services are guilty of this. Melbourne Tile Cleaners offers a sandstone restoration service that treats the underlying cause for your deteriorating sandstone. Whether that is an expired sealer or deeply set contaminants, our seasoned team will know how to best handle your floors.