Tile And Grout Cleaning Glen Waverley
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Tile and grout cleaning Glen Waverley

It can be difficult to recognize the right time to have your tile and grout professionally cleaned. Your floors get worn down over time from constant foot traffic or accidents no matter how much you mop or scrub. Tile and grout that isn't regularly cleaned also has a higher risk of chipping or cracking from impacts. Melbourne Tile Cleaners restores and protects your tile and grout with an array of specialized cleaning equipment. After an initial vacuuming, our van-mounted steamers sanitize your floors and make it easier to extract contaminants.

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professional tile cleaner cleaning Black tiles by using a tile cleaning machine

Tile and grout sealing Glen Waverley

Keeping the appearance of your freshly cleaned floor can be difficult. Especially if it’s a family home. Our
tile and grout cleaning process is completed by applying a long-lasting sealer designed to prevent liquids
and contaminants from staining your floors. This process needs to be redone every few years if you
want to keep your tile and grout protected at all times. Melbourne Tile Cleaners reapplies this top layer
after every cleaning session, making it the perfect assurance for the longevity of your floors. Some
sealing methods rely on harsh chemicals, but our team only uses solvent-based sealers that are
completely safe for all homes. Give us a call today to receive free quote for out tile and grout cleaning
service in Glen Waverley.

A New Approach to Tile and Grout Cleaning

Mopping and scrubbing are the traditional methods for cleaning tile and grout in the household,
however, they aren’t the most effective. In many cases, these approaches can end up doing more harm
than good. This is because excessive cleaning with bristles and harsh chemicals can strip away the sealed
layer and expose them to bacteria, dirt, and liquids. Melbourne Tile Cleaners takes tile restoration on in
a different manner. Rather than using store-bought brands, our team employs non-toxic cleaning
solutions that are 100 percent safe for family homes. Our goal

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