Melbourne Tile Cleaners has perfected floor restoration for any tile material. We have safely revived the
floors of hundreds of Melbourne homes without damaging the features that you love. Whether your
tiles have a specialty texture or a delicate surface, our team of veterans will handle it flawlessly. Our
pride is going into any home and enhancing the lives of our clients in a visible and long-lasting way.

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It isn’t only the years of practice that makes our team stand above the rest. It’s the quality of our supplies, too. We only use the best and most natural cleaning solutions when servicing your floors. We believe in preserving the safety of your home and not just the condition of your floors. Despite lacking the more robust chemicals of traditional products, our solutions have brought stellar results over the years and have help restore hundreds of homes. Our equipment, van-mounted and powerful, will wash out any lingering debris from your floors. They are powerful enough to deal with the most stubborn particles on your tile and grout. The difference between a floor treated with professional equipment versus the household standard is enormous.

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Some all-purpose cleaning services will come in and simply scrub off gunk from your floors. While this will temporarily tidy up your floors, it won’t solve the cause of the discolouration. Melbourne Tile Cleaners believes in targeting the source of your tiles problems and fixing it from there. Otherwise, your floors will quickly deteriorate to an unacceptable state. To this end, we target the contaminants that have settled deep into your tiles and grout lines rather than surface problems. We also apply a solvent sealer to your floors which will stop debris from seeping into your floors and keep them clean for years.

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