Tile and grout cleaning Box Hill
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Tile and grout cleaning Box Hill

Figuring out when your tile and grout need professional cleaning can be difficult. You see your floors every day, and it's difficult to notice any changes. Even if you can't see the damage, every day use will undoubtedly cause significant deterioration to your floors. This goes double for tiling in high traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. If your tile and grout isn't deep cleaned regularly, then the build-up of contaminants could weaken them and lead to cracks and significant colour shifts. Melbourne Tile Cleaners uses specialized cleaning equipment and techniques to restore your floors from any condition.

  • In addition to a surface clean, our van-mounted steamers kill bacteria and sanitize your floors for a healthier living space. Make your home the pride of Box Hill and call our offices today!
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Tile and grout sealing Box Hill

At Melbourne Tile Cleaners, we do everything we can to ensure the lifetime of your tile and grout. By applying a top layer of sealer to floors, we add another form of protection to your newly cleaned tile.
Dirt, rain, steam, or other contaminants are repelled from your floors and allow you the time to clean them off before stains can form. Sealers also strengthen usually brittle grout and prevent unsightly
cracks from forming. If you want floors that add to the value of your home, then sealing is the most effective measure to do just that.

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Tile and grout cleaning process


Our team checks your tile and grout to figure out areas that require special attention or tools.

Soil Removal

Loose dirt and particles are vacuumed up allowing full application of our cleaning products.

Soil Suspension

We leave our all-natural cleaning solutions to dwell and draw out contaminants from your floor.

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Our van-mounted washers clean out the impurities and cleaning solution and leave your floors looking spotless.

Grout Sealing

Your floor’s new sealer is applied for an additional form of protection against future wear.


Our team walks through your floors one more time to ensure it is completely clean.