Concrete Cleaning Melbourne
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Concrete Cleaning Melbourne

Depending on how you treat it, concrete can be a wonderful flooring material for both indoor and outdoor use. Melbourne Tile Cleaners understands the unique challenges of maintaining concrete in coastal environments. Salty air can damage the structure of your concrete leading to cracks and discolouration over time. Our professional concrete cleaning process completely removes stains without making you go through hours of hard scrubbing.

  • Our powerful cleaners use high temperature steam to open up the pores in your concrete and make it easier to bring your concrete back to its original condition. Additionally, we soak your concrete in environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and remove unsightly stains.
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Concrete sealing

Concrete is well known for its durability and longevity, but it’s also a porous substance. This means that rain, oil spills, and grime can get soaked into its surface and leave your floors looking rather unappealing. We prevent this with our deep-setting concrete sealing that prevents future staining.

Our specialized sealer also prevents mold, cracking, and increases the overall strength of your concrete. As an environmentally conscious company, Melbourne Tile Cleaners’ sealers are completely natural without any harsh chemicals that could run off and damage the surroundings.

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Concrete Cleaning Process


We take measure of the condition of your floors and locate problematic areas that require further attention.

Soil Removal

Your concrete is vacuumed so that we begin the cleaning process with a clear surface.

Soil Suspension

Deep stains and contaminants are lifted from the pores of your concrete using our all-natural cleaning solution.

Concrete Cleaning Process


Our van-mounted washers perform a power clean on your floors to remove remaining debris.

Grout Sealing

Our team applies a solvent sealer to your restored concrete to keep impurities from ruining their new look.


We repeat our inspection of your floors to ensure 100 percent completion.