Slate cleaning Melbourne
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Slate cleaning Melbourne

Slate helps bring an attractive and natural look to walkways and living spaces making it a treasured tile material in many homes. Despite being naturally resistant to staining due to its high density, slate’s sleek surface makes scratches all the more noticeable. This can become a problem for homes that use this material in areas that experience high foot traffic. Melbourne Tile Cleaners knows the best ways to clean and restore all applications of slate for a refreshing aesthetic.

The type of cleaning chemical used is critical in the effectiveness of the stain removal process. With our experience and knowledge of the chemical makeup of various stains, we are able to choose the best chemical to use on each particular stain. The right pH balance is needed to achieve a successful removal of stains.

  • Our flawless slate cleaning process
  • is gentle but effective, utilizing high power vacuums and van-mounted steamers.
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Slate sealing Melbourne

Slate has a high density making it a fairly resistant tile material to spills and stains. This means it is especially tolerable in homes with young children or in outdoor areas. However, that doesn’t mean it is completely immune to discoloration.

Sealing your floors with our acid-free sealer guarantees you the time you need to properly clean up any accidents that occur. While topical sealers may leave your slate more slippery than you’d like, Melbourne Tile Cleaners uses a deep penetrating sealer that protects your tiles without inviting any risk.

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Slate floor after cleaning

Slate Cleaning Process


Our team searches for problems in your slate and readies the equipment to get you an optimal clean.

Soil Removal

We remove debris and loose particles from your floors using our high-powered vacuums.

Soil Suspension

Safe and all-natural cleaning solutions are spread on your floors to draw out contaminants from your slate.

Slate cleaning Melbourne


Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Machine kills bacteria and lifts out old stains to restore your floors to perfection.

Grout Sealing

Your slate is protected from future damage using our Topical solvent sealer.


Our team performs a final walkthrough of your floors and checks for any overlooked areas.