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Tile and grout cleaning Cranbourne

If the stains in your tile and grout don't come out no matter how hard you scrub, wipe, and blot, then it's time to call on the professionals. Melbourne Tile Cleaners attacks below the surface of your tiles to get rid of problems that standard cleaning ignores. Our van-mounted steamers and vacuums have helped homeowners throughout Cranbourne restore their tile and grout. We do everything in our power to keep your home safe at all times. So, our tile and grout cleaning solutions are all natural and acid-free so there's no risk of contact with you or your family.

  • After the cleaning, one of our technicians will teach you about the necessary steps to properly caring for your floors.
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Tile and grout sealing Cranbourne

Melbourne Tile Cleaners ensures that your floors stay spotless for years with a long-lasting protective sealer. Leaving your floors unsealed will lead to a much quicker rate of staining and discolouration. That’s why we apply a solvent-based sealer following every tile and grout deep clean. This Penetrating layer should be renewed every few years to preserve your floor’s quality. Our specialized sealers are toxin-free for long-term use in any residence. Sealed floors even have higher scratch resistance.
Meaning that it can handle moving furniture, high foot traffic, and rowdy guests much better.

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Tile and grout cleaning process


Our team performs a thorough inspection of your floors to decide on the proper products and equipment to use.

Soil Removal

An initial vacuuming is performed to clear away the surface of your tile and grout for the next steps.

Soil Suspension

Old stains and discolouration are eliminated with our all-natural cleaning solutions.

Slate cleaning Melbourne


The entirety of your tile and grout is power cleaned with our van-mounted washers.

Grout Sealing

A solvent sealer is applied to your newly cleaned floors to keep contaminants out of your floor for the next few years.


Our team once again goes over your floors to ensure that no problems were missed.