Tile And Grout Cleaning Burwood
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Tile and grout cleaning Burwood

Whether you're hoping to impress family over the holidays or just want to enhance your home, professional tile cleaning is a must. Although you may not notice it, your floors absorb a good deal of bacteria and debris from daily exposure. Even more so if they haven't been resealed in the past few years. Without cleaning your floors, there's risk of increased allergens, sickness, and general lung issues. Through extensive experience all around Burwood, our team examines your situation and creates a tailored plan for your floors.

  • No matter what problems your home faces, Melbourne Tile Cleaner's industrial-strength vacuums and steamers will effortlessly lift contaminants and stains from your tile and grout.
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Tile and grout sealing Burwood

While some tile materials can get by without a sealer, your grout should always be protected. Tile and grout are generally sturdy tile materials but are also porous and will absorb trace amounts of dirt, liquids, and other debris. This eventually results in the discolouration or even physical damage to your floors. If you want to enjoy your floor’s pristine state for an extended time, it is necessary to apply a topical sealer. Melbourne Tile Cleaners applies this protective layer after every deep clean. Our solvent-based sealant is free of damaging chemicals and is also transparent as to not ruin your floor’s unique aesthetic.
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How We Can Restore and Maintain Your Tile Floors

Cleaning stains from your floors one at a time is a grueling task. Depending on the severity of the stain, you can spend hours scrubbing away while barely making a dent in the overall damage. Melbourne Tile Cleaners brings results better than anything you could hope to find on your own. We want to help your floors become cleaner than when you first moved in and keep them that way for as long as possible. We accomplish this by not only cleansing the surface of your tile and grout but by eliminating deeply set stains and bacteria which are the root source of discoloration and lack of sheen. Our protective sealer will be the cornerstone of your floor’s defense against accidents. Regardless of the tile material you use, our seasoned team will give you the best tips and routines to ensure your floors never return to their dingy state. Call us to get a free quote for our tile and grout cleaning service in Burwood.