Tile And Grout Cleaning Officer
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Tile and grout cleaning Officer

Due to the naturally porous nature of tile and grout, it traps bacteria over time. This puts your home at risk for increased allergens, sickness, and even lung damage. Unlike surface treatments, our tile and grout cleaning service combats these problems. Our process involves so much more than a simple vacuuming and scrubbing. We use high temperature steam to open up the pores in your tile and grout and maximize the contaminants we remove. This removes bacteria as well as leaving your floor sparkling. Melbourne Tile Cleaners works the Officer area to keep homes looking their best.

  • Our team of specialists understands the best ways to service every tile material, indoor or outdoor.
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Tile and grout sealing Officer

Once we’ve restored your floors to their original state, it’s important to take steps to protect them against future damages. The most effective method of defense is a penetrating sealer. This transparent
layer prevents any new impurities from penetrating your floors and making a mess out of them. So, spill, drop, and track-in anything you’d like. If you’ve noticed your tile and grout have recently become dirtier after being fine for many years, then your sealer has likely expired. Penetrating sealers only last for a few years before fading away and need to be reapplied every so often. Melbourne Tile Cleaners understands the importance of this, so our experienced team performs this service after every tile and grout cleaning.

Tile cleaning by using automated tile cleaner machine
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Enhance Your Property’s Appearance

The wide range of colors and textures that tiles can have are what we love about our homes. However, that makes maintaining that signature look all the more important if you are trying to keep your home as orderly as possible. It’s very obvious when sandstone has stains in it. Or when your slate has cracked. Melbourne Tile Cleaners services are about so much more simply cleaning your floors. We restore and future-proof them and take pride in the fact that we have enhanced your property’s appearance. Book us today to transform your floor with our tile and grout cleaning service in Officer.