We all love our beloved canine companions, but from time to time, they can be more of a hindrance
than a help! Fortunately, we can help offer ways to work around this – and if your tiles have been
stained by dog urine, our cleaning solutions could help you get them back to their former glory!

Use Steam to Remove Dog Urine from Tiles and Grout

When it comes to removing dog urine stains from your tiles and grout, one of the best methods you
can use is steam cleaning. Indeed, steam cleaning helps to lift dried dog pee residues from your tiles,
helping to keep them looking (and smelling) at their best for as long as possible.

Removing dog urine stains is something that a surprising number of people can struggle with. After
all, while the vast majority (approximately 95%) of dog urine is made up of water, the other 5% is
comprised of a nasty blend of chemicals, including ammonia and uric acid. These can wreak havoc on
your tiles and grout, and so it’s crucial that they are cleaned effectively to keep them at their best.

Steam cleaning helps to lift the dog urine from your grouting, allowing it to be effectively cleaned
without needing to resort to other nasty chemicals to get the job done. Indeed, it’s not uncommon
for chemical cleaning products to leave pretty significant stains on your tiles and grout; however,
when you choose steam cleaning, you won’t have this trouble, as the high-termpature low-pressure
clean gently lifts off bacteria without harming the grouting or tiles themselves.

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